Backer event and ISE

We attended the ISE show in Amsterdam and as usual we were very busy. This time we brought mostly engineers to the show because I really want to share that experience with everyone within the team. It’s so different to witness live how people react to NEEO compared to just hearing it form someone else.

The guys did a very solid job and I heard from a couple of visitors that they loved talking to engineers because it’s so much more authentic than talking to some sales guys. We will definitively continue to have engineers on the front. I believe in the real stuff, that’s why I’m writing this blog myself and not leaving it up to some marketing dudes :-)

At ISE we showed a different setup compared to previous shows. We brought more than usual AV sources with us - such as the latest XBOX. For that reason the TV was short of HDMI inputs. We thought that’s the perfect use case to show implementation of an HDMI matrix switcher. Many thanks to the crew at HD Anywhere for the matrix you provided us! 

ISE is a trade show for professionals so one thing we showed in particular was the integration with other home automation systems. Hundreds of visitors were amazed to learn that they can actually use NEEO in traditional systems like Control4, Crestron etc. On day one we will have sample integrations available for the installers of those systems.

Many of those dealers also figured they will actually be fine doing all their automation purely on NEEO. There was not one single use case the guys came up with that could not be covered with NEEO. Also some of the largest Z-Wave dealers who mess with demo systems right now plan to use NEEO as their primary controller in their upcoming projects. Of course I love to hear that!

Thursday Evening we have held the 'BEER with NEEO’ event for backers exclusively. Ohhh man this was a great evening - with one very special moment. Thanks everyone for coming over. We made sure every backer got a pass for free beers and we started the evening off very casually with some food and great discussions. Jeremias did a great job moderating through the evening. After the first couple of beers it was time for the competition. We had prepared some cards with questions to test your NEEO knowledge and we had some exclusive prizes for the top five winners ready. 3rd to 5th place received a hand made NEEO brain trophy. 2nd place was my NEEO skateboard signed by the team. I initially wanted this skateboard to ride in the office from my desk to the printer but thought it’s also a cool prize for a backer so I let it go. The first prize was a brand new 55” Samsung 4K TV. Brand new is actually not completely true: It was the actual TV we used at our trade show booth. Congrats to the winners!

Of course we had a present for every backer. We had some special edition backer t-shirts. Also we brought some NEEO chocolate for everyone from Switzerland (the good stuff). 

The very special moment was planned as a surprise just after the prize ceremony. I held a short speech explaining how important you people  -who believe in us- are, especially during troublesome days. I then mentioned that there is one amazing guy among the kickstarter community whom I wanted to thank especially this evening. Niels de Klerk who is the most active person in the commenting section. Well, we had a little surprise ready for him. In a black box. There was a NEEO logo on that box. And in there was the first NEEO combo ever delivery to a backer! Uuuuhhaaaaa! I waited very long for that moment and man this was special. Niels you deserve it and you are an amazing beta tester too. Thanks so much for being part of this!

Speaking about beta testing: JOIN THE BETA GROUP

Join the BETA group

As we are getting more and more units manufactured later this month we can make over 50 additional BETA tester slots available. BETA testers get weekly firmware releases and get access to the latest developments to provide feedback before a stable firmware then gets pushed out to the entire NEEO community. 

A big thank you to the current tester groups who have done excellent work in the last year! Your effort helps finding the hidden issues, bugs and edge cases we all want to tackle. Thanks for being so active!

Everyone who wants to join the BETA team please be aware of the following:

  • We really care about having active testers, make sure you have some time available to play with the product and to provide feedback. 
  • We care about testing a big variety of setups. We therefore include testers based on the gear they have
  • You will get the weekly BETA releases. Sometimes they are not stable. If you (or your family) prefers to have a stable setup at all time - you better don’t get into BETA firmware or the testing of it 
  • You might test some yet secret functions - make sure you are happy to keep the surprises for you as long as the function is not announced
  • NEEO will provide you hardware for those tests, over time the most active testers will get even more NEEO stuff to mess with 

To apply for the beta program please reach out to Send us an e-mail with a short list of the equipment you will test NEEO with. The new testers will be chosen and be informed in about a week from today. 

We look forward having many of you on the BETA team. Many of you will be invited to remain part of the BETA team for many month, even years. Potentially also for future products.

Production Update


It’s getting serious!     

Additionally to our local China team we currently have part of the engineering team from Switzerland in China. The guys have been working hard tuning everything in. I told them to let me know as soon as the top level (complete units) assembly line is ready to rock and I would then jump into an airplane to go witness the exciting moment and also to judge on everything's final quality. Well, the team just called me. I will jump into that plane coming Tuesday the 7th!

Although that’s typically very hard - I will try to get the allowance to capture some images so I could share some of the moments with you.  

It was not easy for all of us waiting until we finally see NEEOs coming off the assembly line. Anyways I feel that we are 100% ready today and looking back I can clearly say that today’s version of the product is much, much better than it would have been if released earlier. It’s the right time! I’m very thankful to see how the coming launch pushes everyone within the team. Literally no one goes home normal hours. It’s an incredibly rewarding feeling holding shirk wrapped units in our hands.  (shrink wrap is the transparent plastic wrap around the product) 

Remote front shell production

Remote front shell production

Next steps:

  • Coming week: Manufacturing another badge of ~300 units 
  • Mid to late March: Running one last reliability and durability testing round with these latest units
  • Mid to late March: Approving slightly changed docking station top lids (we scrapped the last batch of 10K units that I mention in the last update as they did not fully meet quality standard)  
  • Mid to late March: Full round of quality checks on the 300 units
  • April: Getting into production of thousands of units

Remaining challenges:

We currently see no bigger challenges remaining


As soon as a couple of thousand units are on their way we will announce shipment and - we will announce some other cool news. Stay tuned. The first couple of thousand units are of course going to all Kickstarter backers and then we start fulfilling the pre-orders. General availability of the product will take a litte while as the first couple of ten thousand units which we can manufacture now are already sold. 

Happy neeo year everyone!

I hope you had spent some quality time with your friends and families over the holidays.

We have been working in London, California, Las Vegas, China, Germany and Switzerland. The heavy travelling was worth it. Let’s dive right into it: 


We had spend some intense time in China setting up the entire manufacturing line with all the BLT and FST adapters and all peripheral devices. All the BLT adapters have been integrates into the line and also into our contract manufacturers cloud solution. All done and works perfectly and is approved. In case you don’t remember what BLT is: here is the link 

Congrats and thank you Kevin and team for the great work in China!

The team also progressed well with the integration of the FST adapters. There are a couple of hurdles there but we know how to overcome them. The engineers in China get great support from the guys in Switzerland and there is not too much left.  

Additionally we found one issue with some docking stations that were not passing our tight tolerances and lost some time there fixing this. We do have the solution by now though. There was a small impact - but in general every issue that we find is good so the risk that we will ever be slowed down later on due to such issues is much smaller. We want to build tens of thousands of units shortly and need to make sure “the machine” works perfectly. We accept very little compromise there. We want everyone to be amazed with the built quality.   



End of this month: 

At the end of the month the remaining guys in China will come back to Switzerland and finalise some FST integration tasks while in China the entire country is pretty much on hold due to Chinese new year. 

Next steps: 

Just after that - in early February - we will return to China and finalize the last remaining tasks that need to be done on-site.   

Right after that the entire production line should be ready for production. We will make a couple of hundred units, quickly verify that everything is good and then make a couple of thousand units. 

As soon as those units are in the plane to your continent we will announce shipping. It is damn close..


We are currently heavily testing a stable release that might be 98% of what V1.0 will be. There are a couple of fixes and features we still want to get in there - but anyways if we would have to freeze it today - it would be OK. It's stable and feels good. We still have a very long backlog of ideas and features we want to build of course but at some point soon we will have to freeze it for V1.0. 

PS: Good news: We got the approval from the Apple App Store for the iOS app. You wont be able to see it though as it’s currently not public.

Very valuable CES 2017 experience

Driving our rental car through Vegas late in the evening - Markus never stopS developing

Driving our rental car through Vegas late in the evening - Markus never stopS developing

The day before the show wasn’t great. I didn’t feel well. Had some temparature and a terrible headache. Advil and coffee helped a bit to make at least some part of my (not NEEO-) brain work. When we were done building the small both we started setting up the gear we use for the demos. We experienced some nasty network issues. it was nothing related to NEEO equipment, the troubles started before we even unboxed our own product. Even just the Sonos app was unable to connect to the Sonos speaker. Same for Philips Hue. The Hue app did in the best case only purely connect to the Hue bridge and lost it’s connection after seconds again. We had tested that exact demo environment at the Cupertino office the day before. Our first thought of course was that it’s just a Wifi Issue due to the overload an Wifi networks in the exhibition hall. We counted over 50 access point that were reachable form out booth. This is the usual trade show challenge though. We went to our secret channel (which we won’t disclose here for obvious reason ;-)  and it was still the same. The Wifi connection was not even the issue though. We measured a couple of things and everything was good (for a trade show environment) We then started to measure things over Ethernet and relaized that our issues actually were pure Ethernet issues. My headache was still there - now paired with some technical headaches. At some point I was doubting that we will even be able to demo anything. We tested and measured a coupe of things. We found one trouble-maker ethernet cable which had a bad connection. Also due to the fact that the router behaved strangely we replaced it with a new one. And… tadaaa! Everything worked smooth. Puhhh. We were smiling again. Then finally we were in a position to setup up the rest including NEEO and all worked smooth! Ready for day one (and me - ready for some sleep and tea)

The show was very busy. There were four of us and we rarely found a couple of minutes to take a break. We love that. We had hundreds of people who came to see us bot also many who "found" us just by coincidence and the average reaction was something like: “I’m really glad I found this”. Of course we also had the meetings with dozens of backers. We much enjoyed this. It’s so super valuable to us to see your reaction. Markus and David were attending their fist show for NEEO and were absolutely amazed to see how people react to their work. It’s such a big motivation. After the first day Markus said something like: “Until today NEEO was a highly interesting job for me because of the team and because of all its challenges and the cool technology it's based on. But somehow the relationship with the product was defined by the backlog in Jira (our Scrum Tool) that I daily look into. This only shows what still needs to be fixed and developed. I had a very technical relationship with the product so far. Now seeing all these people being amazed with the product gives it such a different perspective. I now better understand for whom we are truly making this. Meeting all these people makes such a huge difference”

It was great for the visitors to meet our amazing magicians and it was at least equally as great for the engineers to meet you. I would recommend to other startups to do the same and bring their engineering team into similar situations.. 

BTW: To everyone who came over: Fellow backers enjoy reading about your experience with us, If you post some words about your visit at the booth, people will highly appreciate that. Thanks   

What I was impressed with the most at this show in terms of technology was the RF performance of the remote and the brain. Even-tough there were >50 access points around - the remote worked smooth at all time. Even range was pretty good and latencies low. This is not normal. Even my iPhone 7 had extrem latencies. 

RF on trade shows remains a challenge for all exhibitors though. There is no guarantee we will “beat" the iPhone next trade show, but it felt cool anyways and it’s very promising as no user will have such a bad RF environment at home. It’s sort of: If you make it work there you can make it work anywhere.

It’s amazing how people react to NEEO. The excitement was huge. Almost all reactions were in the range of “it’s exactly what’s missing in the market”, “man, you are solving the biggest issue with the connected home”, “I love this, it’s so beautiful”.

I probably still had a little fever but the excitement and the adrenaline of the show made it disappear 😉 

We also had two important meetings for upcoming partnerships. Both are incredible companies that I’m honoured to work with. It’s all under NDA for now but it’s just amazing that things take off like this.

Connected home and the real world

I think people who speak with us and look at the company closely understand that we really care about creating a solution that works in the real world. When we started we wanted to see one beatiful solution that creates a magically simple experience. We didn’t want to see people having to switch between apps and remotes. We didn’t want to see you taking out your smart phone, unlocking it and finding your desired app just to switch some light off. We created NEEO because we were (and are) unhappy with the experience offered in the market.

Just because it has been a while - I summarise a couple of things here for you: We needed a fundamentally different approach to most challenges to reach our goal. We had to build our own driver database from scratch (rather than licensing one of the not-so-great-working ones out there) We needed to build our own OS (the mobile operating systems out there were to power hungry and didn’t perform smooth enough) We had to create a massive software project. From our own home automation middle-ware to a complete cloud infrastructure, all needed to be built. We had to create our own hardware from scratch. We knew we cannot take the easy path. Many control companies, universal remotes and smart remotes and hubs have tried. Non of them got all the important elements right. There are reasons why the connected home market has taken off relatively slow. The customer is confused and the solutions out there require you to be well informed and sort of a do-it-yourself guy. It’s just all too complicated today. We want to see everyone enjoying one interface that gives smooth control over all the products you love. -A product that is super easy to setup. -A product that you will love to use every single day. 

Now it’s alive and it works. Knowing that we solve a problem found in millions of households is stunning. You were part of it since the beginning and the reward you deserve so much for this will comes to you shortly. You can look forward to it. 

Thanks so much for being part of this!

Niels' long list of questions

Hi Everyone

Amazing Niels asked us a couple of questions he had collected. Here are all the answers. Attention: Sorry upfront for the long text. It's about a 6 min read and some stuff is pretty technical. I understand If some people skip it.  


Q: What's up with the white rabbit? 

A: The process of making a white version besides the Black Cat and the Pure Aluminum version is a challenge. I’m sure you witnessed Apple having similar challenges with the white version of the iPhone4. Whilst for many it sounds relatively easy just do do a different color - it’s a challenge for mass production for several reasons. 1. Managing many additional SKUs. We have various regions (3 Z-Wave zones mean 3 electronically slightly different versions. This means multiple production runs for the PCBs alone. Adding coloured versions of each region multiplies the steps and number of SKUs. Anyways we were aware of this in the beginning and decided for the rabbit. 2. Just making a white painted version of the remote shell would be relatively easy. Before the campaign we had a couple of powder coated samples that we liked. Making a white version is much more complex though if you want to do it on the level we want you to experience. It means that almost all mechanical parts are slightly different. The buttons are made of a different polycarbonate with a different process, the silk print for the buttons is of a different color and process in order to work well on the white surface, the coating process is different and all labels are different as well. These are the challenges you get solely for the remote but similar tasks are required for the brain and docking station. Then you need to make sure all Whites match and last, which is not an easy task. The reason I went into so much details here is because I wanted you to see that it is much more than just getting 500 remotes and brains painted. It’s an entire manufacturing process for a relatively low quantity (we restricted it to 500 units) 

In my previous update I had mentioned production of the Aluminum and the Black units but not the White Rabbit. This is mainly because all details of Black Cat and Pure Aluminum are confirmed and we signed all the golden samples. This is not the case for the white rabbit even though the team is working on it. In case the White rabbit would be delayed we would allow every backer to switch to either a Black Cat or a Aluminum version. 

I could easily have agreed on the sample units we received but they were just not perfect enough so far. Even though this white kickstarter special edition will never be sold in retail it should absolutely be on the high quality level we want all our products to be. I would not accept the white rabbit to be any compromise version. 

Q: Release date? 😉 

Hmmmmmmm. I just asked the oracle. The answer is '42 plus 1'... I don’t know exactly what that means. The oracle told me that everyone will know very soon though. What I know for sure is that everything that’s happening in the factory as we speak, is for your units which are made before all others. There are tens of thousands of people waiting and you are first in line.

General questions.

Q: Is kodi support in development? 

Yes and no. We have played with it and created proof of concept code. Right now we had to prioritise other tasks though for the release so kodi won’t be in the very first release. Many of us are using kodi at home though so you can be assured that it will finalised and published not too long after shipping starts. Implementing such drivers are the fun part. Much nicer than connecting some production test adapters to a contract manufacturers ERP system.. ;-) 
We have extended the API for services like Plex and will use the same new assets to integrate kodi. Those assets are also available for developers as soon as shipping starts. 

Q: Will NEEO be able to present kodi movies, music and TV-show content with cover, TV and album art? 

A: Yes, similar to the Plex prototype you have seen in the videos

Q: Will there be a community website? 

A: Yes - I did not like the heavy hundreds-of-confusing-lines-of-text-based way forums and community sites are built today. So we worked on something very special. Stay tuned for the announcement.

Q: is the Neeo more flexible and powerful than the Philips Pronto Pro? 

A: Yes. We liked Pronto back in the days. Of course NEEO's focus on simple interaction with all modern IoT products goes a lot further compared to what Pronto did. One thing I feel is very unique with NEEO is the simplicity and flexibility in the same device. My not very techie mom can set it up and use it as her solid everyday interface, but my CEDIA installer friends are equally excited and find all flexibility they used to find in traditional control systems.     

Q: is the Neeo more flexible and powerful than iRule? 

A: We appreciate everyone in the industry that tries to solve similar problems. I played with their solution an find some stuff good in there. There are hundreds of things that are different in NEEOs approach. One of them simply being the audience. We want NEEO to get into millions of peoples hand and really solve the issue of the complexity of todays smartphone apps and remote control - for all of us. From setup to daily use we care a lot about creating a magical and natural experience. We are 100% convinced today's smartphone don’t give you the fast and natural user experience you deserve.

Q: is the Neeo more flexible and powerful than SmartThings? 

A: We have a some SmartThings hubs here at the office. We currently use them to test advanced Z-Wave functions like controller shift. I could give a similar answer to what I answered regarding iRule. Again. We appreciate those guys like everyone who creates some good stuff for the industry. We even had some good discussions with them (Pre-Samsung) I don’t think the acquisition was very fortunate for them but that's different topic and I should shut up now ;-)

Generally it’s very simple how I look at the industry and other players: I always look at the market from a customer perspective and try to figure our what the ideal experience would be. From the buying experience to the daily interaction. Even-tough I have quite some experience in the smart home space I really struggled myself even just buying some smart light bulbs. Which one should I choose? I needed to check out all the specs and all this little logos of standards and still didn’t know if it will work with the other devices that I was about to buy in the future. Imagine a customer standing at BestBuy. What product shall he choose? How will it connect to other devices in the home? Even just basic connections like - Will that smart light switch be able to control my smart lightbulbs? How is one smooth, pleasant and intuitive user experience granted? 

Several single product experiences out there are good but it get’s rather disappointing and cumbersome if you then have to always take out your phone and use (and switch between) several apps. The entertainment space with all audio-video gear is equally complex to deal with. Many users decide agains smart devices because of that mess. We want shopping to be pain free, you should just be able to go shopping for the devices you like rather than to deal with RF standards and having to choose among few compatible devices. And then most importantly when you bought a device the daily interaction with it should be thoughtful and simple. 

We have really just built the easy-to-use and widely compatible product we wanted to see in the market. It’s that simple. 

Q: does Neeo not rely on IFTTT to claim support for a device (sure, support is nice, but remember there is a delay of minutes) 

A: NEEOs recipes and drivers run on the brain which is running 24/7 in your home, independent of an internet connection. Therefore your automation and control will work even if the internet is completely down and speed of NEEO is not depending on your internet connection. (this is one of the important reasons why the brain exists) 
Of course when connecting to some cloud services like Nest home or IFTTT you then need the internet connection to be alive. With IFTTT you will certainly be able to link some services which are not natively supported by NEEO. This might allow some fun stuff but won't be the low-latency and flexible experience you find within NEEO's natively supported products. We don't rely on IFTTT, but you can connect NEEO with it. The almost 60K products listed on WORKS WITH NEEO are all natively supported and do not relay on IFTTT.   

Q: does Neeo have an impressive list of partners like Nest, Hue, Echo, etc? 

A: Yes, the list is better than I could have dreamed of. I cannot mention too much of the ongoing partnership program before things are publicly announced though. We have folders full of NDAs to respect.

Q: The works with NEEO web app shows PS4 support does this include powering on the PS4? 

A: Giving you two little hints here: 1. You are going to love it. 2. There is this one port on the back of NEEO that many had asked what it is for... 


Q: will the UI be customizable in any way? 

A: We want to give you all the flexibilities you need for a great experience. Anyway it all starts very simple. When you go through setup the UI is populated automatically. I don’t want any not-so-techie user to struggle with this. I also absolutely want to avoid the mistake control companies like Crestron do in my opinion. They leave creating of every button and all UX decision up to the guy who is programming the system. I have a background in the CEDIA industry. Back in the days when I was checking out installations around Europe (for the annual awards that we gave away) I have seen too much of that. I met customers whom’s wives din’t want to touch the system and used an analog kitchen radio instead. It’s irresponsible from manufacturers to let the general UX up to the programmer/customer. Imagine, the entire experience depends on the UX/UI knowledge and ideas of the person who is setting things up. Some of the control system manufactures’s HW was great (although very old-schools) but in most installations the guys fucked-up the UI because they had to build it from scratch. So sorry for the long answer - I really care about this topic 😉  - NEEO’s UI will be automatically generated for all necessary functions. My mom will never touch more than that and that’s exactly how it is intended. Anyways there are techies like you or me that care about some customization for our very specific needs. This is granted through the Shortcut function and the recipes. We literally have no restrictions in there. You can build multi conditional recipes. You can create buttons on the home screen to trigger those recipes (or let your favourite voice-enabled speaker interface with it! - more on that topic will be announced at launch..) You can create your own buttons or add widgets within a device, let’s say you want to be able to lower you projection screen right from within the Apple TV control page - you can set that up in a minute without any coding knowledge and without any GUI software. You can do all that straight from the app. You can also fully customise and access all automatically pre-built recipes. Want to improve the power-up speed of your TV recipe? All the values are accessible to you, no restriction and again- no coding knowledge needed. The testers who currently mess with it really describe it as a playground for their tech. Sorry again for the long answer ;-)) 

Q: Does the software provide a way to inform the user of events? Think about current room temperature or a pop up message informing that a certain download is completed. 

A: Yes 100%. You can as example let the brain send you an e-mail if the temperature goes below a certain level. Of if your kids are partying too loud you can also get a message (as shown in one of the recipe videos)  

Q: Is configuration done on the app/remote? 

A: In the app. The app is available for Android and iOS. We are also looking into Windows but don’t have a release date for this.

Q: Is configuration possible by using a browser? 

A: Some bird might tweet you the answer to that in Amsterdam. It’s not officially supported but…you will figure out how ;-)

Q: Will variables be usable in automation. Like if time is 8:00 and room temperature is 20• Celsius and lux is < 200 then do something

A: Yes, 100%. I actually challenged a couple of smart home engineers that use Control4 and Crestron whether they can come up with one use case that the traditional systems could do and NEEO’s recipe engine could not cover. They didn’t find any. It was not our first intention to disrupt them, but we don’t mind doing so ;)) 


Q: can Neeo work without having to rely on a cloud connection? 

A: Yes. NEEO can be operation without being connected to the internet. Anyway during setup you want it to be connected to get live access to the latest drivers.

Q: What features will the cloud provide? 

A: Backup of your configuration (5 versions back) and access to updated drivers, access to cloud services such as the nest API and much more.

Q: Is constant internet access a requirement? 

A: No. It is needed for setup. And of course recommended for later on as well to stay up to date and get all NEEO updates for the remote and the NEEO brain. 

Q: Are rules working offline?

A: Yes.


Q: When can we expect API documentation? 

A: At product launch

Q: Will libraries be available to make use of the API? 

A: Yes 

Q: Is it possible for the community to write drivers/apps to support new devices? 

A: Yes, 100%

Q: If so, in what programming language

A: The SDK is going to be released in javascript. There is also a REST API the we will make available to you.

Q: If so, will there be an App Store for easy installation? 

A: There is a process to share your work with everyone. Stay tuned

Q: What is the status of the API Documentation? 

A: You will find all you need including tutorials and examples on GitHub. The documentation will grow over time of course. 

Q: Will the API documentation include examples?

A: Exactly, a couple of them to address various types of projects.

Thanks for the questions Niels!

Certification & compliance testing

Testing sandro ;)

Testing sandro ;)

We work with one of the leading certification labs and run tons of measurements and tests to get the units ready. The last couple of weeks Sandro and Markus have spent the majority of their time in England in the lab together with the testing officials to get trough all relevant measurements for the remote, dock, brain and powers supplies for certifications like FCC and CE among others.

These tests are not just there to comply with the regulations. There are actually a lot of things being tested that are important in the real world. Some tests as example stress tests the units with strong electronic discharge from the outside and this grants stuff like performance while in a home environments with a lot of RF products. 

The officials did not have a standard test procedure for NEEO in their books. The procedure had to be re-defined. The labs have truly never tested such a product category until now! A super compact brain with that many antennae was new to them. Sandro and team had well prepared for that and the lab officials were very please with the "exemplary preparation” (that’s how they called it!). We wrote a lot of test modes to make the certification officials’ life easier

The last 2.5 weeks we went mainly trough FCC relevant tests which all went well! There are a tests left which will be performed by the lab in the beginning of January. I will keep you posted on that.

Here are a some impressions form certification:

Meeting you in 2017 / Tradeshows

We have confirmed the fist shows for 2017. It’s typically a great opportunity to meet many backers so here is what we know so far:

CES Las Vegas @ Booth 20900

From January 5th - 8th we will be at the world’s largest consumer electronic show - the CES in Las Vegas. We are again part of the Z-Wave pavilion and would love to welcome you there (booth 20900 - right when you enter the south hall). Of course you can just step by at any time. If you can - let’s setup a meeting though. I would love to be there when you arrive - just contact Olivia to make sure it’s not overlapping with the rest of the show schedule. Looking forward showing you NEEO live and telling you some background stories.

ISE in Amsterdam

Form February 7th - 10th we will be in Amsterdam at the ISE show. We would love to meet as many backers as possible. Same here - send Oliva a quick e-mail to so we can get the planning right. Depending on how many of you are coming over we might also organise a NEEO event with food and drinks in the evening. And - that’s already or sure: every backer who will show up will get home with a small gift.

That’s it for today. I will keep you posted via the blog and expect the next Kickstarter update already in about 3 weeks (mid January)

A BIG, BIG thank you to all backers and the entire team for the amazing support in 2016.

Marry Christmas!