Certification & compliance testing

Testing sandro ;)

Testing sandro ;)

We work with one of the leading certification labs and run tons of measurements and tests to get the units ready. The last couple of weeks Sandro and Markus have spent the majority of their time in England in the lab together with the testing officials to get trough all relevant measurements for the remote, dock, brain and powers supplies for certifications like FCC and CE among others.

These tests are not just there to comply with the regulations. There are actually a lot of things being tested that are important in the real world. Some tests as example stress tests the units with strong electronic discharge from the outside and this grants stuff like performance while in a home environments with a lot of RF products. 

The officials did not have a standard test procedure for NEEO in their books. The procedure had to be re-defined. The labs have truly never tested such a product category until now! A super compact brain with that many antennae was new to them. Sandro and team had well prepared for that and the lab officials were very please with the "exemplary preparation” (that’s how they called it!). We wrote a lot of test modes to make the certification officials’ life easier

The last 2.5 weeks we went mainly trough FCC relevant tests which all went well! There are a tests left which will be performed by the lab in the beginning of January. I will keep you posted on that.

Here are a some impressions form certification:

Meeting you in 2017 / Tradeshows

We have confirmed the fist shows for 2017. It’s typically a great opportunity to meet many backers so here is what we know so far:

CES Las Vegas @ Booth 20900

From January 5th - 8th we will be at the world’s largest consumer electronic show - the CES in Las Vegas. We are again part of the Z-Wave pavilion and would love to welcome you there (booth 20900 - right when you enter the south hall). Of course you can just step by at any time. If you can - let’s setup a meeting though. I would love to be there when you arrive - just contact Olivia support@neeo.com to make sure it’s not overlapping with the rest of the show schedule. Looking forward showing you NEEO live and telling you some background stories.

ISE in Amsterdam

Form February 7th - 10th we will be in Amsterdam at the ISE show. We would love to meet as many backers as possible. Same here - send Oliva a quick e-mail to support@neeo.com so we can get the planning right. Depending on how many of you are coming over we might also organise a NEEO event with food and drinks in the evening. And - that’s already or sure: every backer who will show up will get home with a small gift.

That’s it for today. I will keep you posted via the blog and expect the next Kickstarter update already in about 3 weeks (mid January)

A BIG, BIG thank you to all backers and the entire team for the amazing support in 2016.

Marry Christmas!



Test fixtures are through customs!

Finally good news on the fixtures as well!! The test fixtures are released by customs and arrive in the next days at the manufacturing line in northern China. It’s a bit unfortunate that it took longer but that’s not uncommon for Customs in Hong Kong unfortunately. Apparently it works like this: the custom officials divide incoming goods into groups and even if everything is good with your shipment - if there is any goods form other shippers within your group your goods have to wait until the entire group is resolved. I don’t really get that but - whatever. We are through! This means that Kevin is spending his Holidays nor in Switzerland but in China to go setup the fixtures. A big thank you to him for that commitment! Early January more engineers will join him for the last steps and mid January I plan to go over there as well to witness the moment of having the full assembly line complete and hopefully - let’t touch wood - seeing the final result in it’s completion.

I will keep you updated here via the blog on progress.

Swiss ICT Public Award Winner!

On stage with all finalist. CONGRATS! to everyone who made it that far.

On stage with all finalist. CONGRATS! to everyone who made it that far.


Thanks so much for your support on this! It was a fun night in Lucerne. Honestly, we had some doubts that we will make it against the other nominees who were well known public transportation projects, crazy cool nano-tech, innovativ supercomputers for weather forecast and much more.  

We were stunned to have won with margin! This is thanks to you crazy people and the roughly 800 people in the hall who supported us via the live voting that was part of the event. The result was release when we were on stage. I tried to shoot a video on stage but when NEEO was announced as the winner the team started shouting and cheering and jumped around so the video became too shaky to be used ;-). I have added some fotos here though.

We had invited the 4 backers who responded the fastest to the draw. As always it's so great to meet with you guys, hear your feedback and spend some time together. Thanks for the time you spent with us. We much enjoyed it!



Chinese customs

Hola! We have an update on the test fixtures:

The transport to China went well. Unfortunately, the fixtures are still not released by Chinese customs. Release date we received today is next Tuesday, Dec 6th. Our China team has been pushing daily, but these types of delays are not uncommon with Chinese customs. The engineering team will book the flights to China as soon as the fixtures are through customs.

More news to follow.

Test fixtures bevor they leFt the engineering office

Test fixtures bevor they leFt the engineering office

Testing the test?

We have just run a full blast FAT (factory acceptance test) for the final production test stations. Yes, this was literally a test of the test ;-) It basically is simulating the entire production test line to assure smooth process and operation of everything. 

Some of the tests were run on our copy of the stations (which we will keep at the engineering office) some other tests were ran on the tweaked stations of the production line (will be forwarded to China). During the last weeks we have done important last tweaking to those adapters while they were in Switzerland. 

The team did an amazing job. Everything was ready and worked! We are now able to send all remaining stations and gear to our contract manufacture in China. Everything is being carefully packed into custom shipping boxes and the freight forwarder will pick it up tomorrow Friday!

We have created some short videos for you to see behind the scenes.  

The first video shows:

  1. SOM-FS (flash stations) these stations are used to flash the firmware onto up to 24 NEEO SOM (system-on-modules) at once. This is all done automatically. 
  2. BLT (board-level-test) of the remote main board
  3. BLT of the brain mainboard

The second video shows:

FST (final system test) these tests are performed with the already fully assembled unit. We are showing 3 things here:

  1. One part of the remote’s FST is a interactive test. This specific test runs through a couple of routines that ensure stuff ike: the touch screen is responsive and perfectly calibrated, every single one of the hundreds of thousands of buttons we are shipping works -and much more. 
    After that the remote goes into the FST station (not shown in the video). In the FST station the remote is measured for perfect weigh, finish, correct assembly, display quality check of all pixels, test of the hand recognition and much more
  2. In our video you see a “naked” brain. This was just used for testing while we were filming. The adapter is actually a FST adapter for fully assembled brains which you see in the 3rs part of the video
  3. Fully assembled brain in the test station. This shows part of a test that is run with every single unit. This IR sensitive camera and some algorithms behind check if whether every single IR LED (not visible for human eyes) is working. Via small mirrors in the adapters the camera “sees” even the IR lEDs on the bottom of the brain. This is all done automatically. It also checks the unser LED. 


We run over 130 tests with every single NEEO!! 

All software, all electronics and most mechanical parts for these tests and test adapters were done in-house! This is like developing a second product. This is what’s needed as a solid foundation to be able to bring tons of amazing NEEOs to you and it reduces the risk of quality problems to almost zero.

The test adapters also gather all info regarding test results and they log videos & photos per unit to ensure manufacturing weaknesses would be seen and addressed fast. It’s all logged by serial number. If there would be issues at some point we get these results almost live and can react fast

Next steps & timeline

Nov 2016 The test fixtures which we are sending out as we speak need to go through customs (we expect 2 weeks max for this)

The team will fly over to China to implement the rest and to witness the ramp-up with the full production line (End of this month)

Potentially there could be some adjustments needed. Should be nothing major and all the right guys should be there to solve things if needed.

December 2016 We will ramp up with an almost equal split of black cats and pure aluminum combos. We don’t have delivery dates yet but I can already assure both versions will ship at the same time.

During that time part of the team who is not in China will remotely control, optimise and maintain the production line and support the guys who are on-site. The other part of the team will be focused cleaning up and working on the last importnat bits for the official V1.0 release of the firmware. We had so many beta releases and it’s truly amazing to know that shortly - for the very first time - we will actually determine a general public release version. 

Also in December We will run compliance testing for several standards with the units coming out of the line.

Does that mean we extremely close? Yes!!!!!

Outstanding risks:

  • There are a couple of ERP system and process steps we need to dial-in once shipment started but this wont delay anything. It’s the normal stuff that works in parallel.
  • Sometimes Chinese customs can cause troubles, so far we and our tier 1 contract manufacturer were always able to get stuff through so far so I’m positive. 
  • It's highly unlikely anything goes wrong with compliance testing but theoretically there could be some new issues which we were nor able to measure in the pre-complicate labs so far. Very unlikely.

I will keep you posted on all that!

Amazing talents joining the team.

It’s such an honour to welcome some amazing talents to the team. Some of them happened to work on the HW for the exact MacBook I’m using to write these lines. Some others have designed important stuff for Tesla or are important contributors to some of the most significant open source project on this planet. All of them are just amazing people. 

Bruno, Jessica, Jerry, Bernhard, Géraldine, Onur, Gleb, Patrick, Pascal, Kevin, David, Michael3, 

You guys rock. WELCOME!!!!