The Brain

The Brain commands your smart devices and gadgets. It works with either the NEEO Remote or the app for your phone.




Connect Wifi, Infrared and Z-Wave and much more devices and let them interact with each other.

360° infrared

Turn your living room into a smart one with NEEOs powerful built-in infrared blaster design.


Connect an external 360° infrared extender (included) to control gear in and outside of cabinets.



NEEO recipes make home automation simple

Recipes are simple and powerful. They allow you to automate everyday routines in your connected home and connect devices that usually wouldn't be able to interact with each other. Automation was never easier: we even create some of it automatically for you. You can modify recipes and create your own in minutes.




"At 7.30am turn the lights on - but not all the way up. Load my favorite playlist and make sure the bathroom isn't ice cold."



"When I tap the Apple TV button on my NEEO remote or in the NEEO app, power on all required devices and set the right inputs."



"If there is motion detected in the living room between 1am and 8am, turn on the light and send me a push message."



Technical Specifications


Size and weight

  • Height: 0.9 inch (24mm)

  • Diameter: 4.1 inches (106mm)

  • Weight: 0.2 pound (95g)

In the box

  • NEEO Brain

  • NEEO IR Extender (with 12ft cord)

  • NEEO 10W power supply incl. power cord

  • Ethernet cable

  • Documentation


  • 1,2Ghz dual-core ARM A7

  • 4GB flash storage

  • 1GB RAM

  • Fan-less, low power design

System requirements

  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet network for initial setup

  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b, g, or n) wireless network (to operate device wirelessly)

  • Min. iOS 8 or Android 4.4 for the NEEO app

  • NEEO account (Free)

Ports and interfaces

  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • Z-Wave Plus (500 series / US, EU Version)

  • IEEE 802.15.4 dual antenna (6LowPAN and ready for Thread, ZigBee)

  • 10/100BASE-T Ethernet

  • Built-in IR receiver (learning mode)

  • Unique internal 360° IR blaster design (just works)

  • 3.5mm jack IR output (for included 360° extender, allows operation of devices inside and outside cabinets)



  • TV, Sonos®, Apple® TV, Roku®, and Philips® Hue support

  • Supports cable boxes - including Cablevision®, Verizon®, Time Warner®, and Comcast®

  • Supports satellite systems from Dish® and DirectTV®

  • over 60’000 supported devices, see more


  • External 10W power supply (included)

Environmental requirements

  • Operating temperature: 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)

  • Storage temperature: -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

  • Avoid direct sunlight (might reduce infrared emitter performance)